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Marketing strategy &

campaign planning

Many business don’t have a clear marketing strategy and keep wasting time, money and resources. Other business don’t have the tools and time to plan and execute a campaign. Let me design a plan to fit your business needs! 

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Social media marketing

The potential to promote a business via social media channels is endless. The key is how to create an effective social media strategy and manage it correctly. How does it sound if I create your social media strategy plan? 

Content marketing

Whether you need to plan your company’s content strategy for a maximum productivity or only to develop the content for one specific channel, I am here to help your business with offline and online content.

Event planning

Events are very powerful as you can promote your business and expose the brand to the audience. You may find you lack of time to organise an event by yourself. Leave it with me – I can give all the attention your event deserves. 

As a freelance marketing consultant I help other business grow and increase recognition in the marketplace by effectively implementing plans and campaigns, managing their social media, creating content and planning their events.


I also help all those business that need to optimise their marketing, promotions and sales operations, as well as acting as an adviser.  

I'm a marketer by day and arts & crafts person by night. Always thinking about new ideas, creativity is running through my veins. I enjoy working WITH people, but less when is working FOR people. I like giving a personal approach to my projects and clients and fuchsia and green are my favourite colours! 

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